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E. Carfagna (6.16.21)

It's 2021 and having the things you need or desire in an instant is the way of the world. From a quick how-to on YouTube to the delivery of your favorite food straight to your door. A quick fix is the new way of life. Fixing our troubles is easier than ever. With that said, it seems we have more problems to fix than ever before: stress, dehydration, addiction, aging, obesity. I can keep going…

Let us take a look at a fast-trending fix to all the problems I previously mentioned, NAD+. What is NAD+? The chemical name is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. That’s a mouthful! Who cares what it’s called right? What does it do? According to the Food and Drug Administration(1) NAD is:

  • Primarily a universal cellular electron transporter

  • Important in cell nuclear DNA repair and telomere maintenance

  • Has been used since the 1960’s to significantly lessen withdrawal from a variety of drugs and alcohol

  • Plays a key role in production of energy through ATP production and exerts antioxidant properties.

What does all that mean? The main purpose of NAD+ is energy production and cell recovery. It has been explained by its users as making them feel, “alive again and energized.” NAD+ is used by celebrities like Joe Rogan and Biohacker Ben Greenfield for performance enhancement and muscle recovery.

According to Addiction resource (2) NAD+ supplementation is now a preferred method for the treatment of addiction and for withdrawal from both drugs and alcohol. It is an effective treatment considered over pharmaceuticals.

In conclusion, NAD+ is a powerful supplement and anti-oxidant that provides energy and basic cell recovery. Whether you are looking for performance enhancement, energy, or help with the effects of drug or alcohol use NAD+ can help! An IV infusion of NAD+ is more effective than the oral formula. Since it’s 2021, and we need things now, an infusion of NAD+ and other essential vitamins and minerals in the comfort of your home by the Mobile IV Drip team could be just what you’re looking for.


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