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Experience the Convenience of At-Home IV Drip Therapy

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Get hydrated one drip at a time.

Mobile IV Therapy in New York City

Mobile IV Drip specialist providing hydration IV therapy treatment for wellness and recovery in Phoenix, AZ

Book with New York City's leading mobile intravenous vitamin therapy service.

Mobile IV Drip provides intravenous and intramuscular vitamin therapy with the goal of addressing vitamin deficiencies and offering hydration support. Our mobile service provides the administration of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream, facilitating maximum absorption.

Our dedicated team comprises of experienced doctors, registered nurses and paramedics with a cumulative industry experience of over 50 years, well-versed and specifically trained in various aspects of vitamin therapy and integrative health and medicine. Mobile IV Drip has been serving the community since 2018, having successfully performed over 30,000 IV Infusions and IM Boosters.

The Mobile IV Drip Process

Our Most Popular IV Drips In New York City

Mega Myers Cocktail IV Therapy Drip

Amplify health benefits with our advanced IV therapy cocktail, infusing high-dose vitamins and antioxidants for comprehensive well-being.

Mega Myers Cocktail IV Therapy Drip

Myers Cocktail IV Therapy Drip

Embrace holistic health with the iconic Myers Cocktail IV infusion, blending vitamins and antioxidants for total-body wellness.

Myers Cocktail IV Therapy Drip

Hangover Rescue IV Therapy Drip

Find rapid hangover relief with our specialized IV hydration therapy, designed to alleviate nausea, fatigue, and headache after a night out.

Hangover Rescue IV Therapy Drip

As a 100% mobile IV therapy service, we come directly to you throughout New York City. Our mobile IV nurses and mobile IV medics provide treatment in the comfort of your own home, office or hotel. 

Area's We Serve

100% Absorption

Compared to only 20-30% absorption of vitamins ingested orally.

Direct Route


Bypasses the gastrointestinal system making it readily available.



Support your body through the administration of high dose vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Mobile IV Therapy in Westchester County, NY

Westchester County, NY

Mobile IV Therapy in Long Island, NY

Long Island, NY

Mobile IV Therapy in Manhattan, NY

Manhattan, NY

Mobile IV Therapy in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Mobile IV Therapy in Queens, NY

Queens, NY

Mobile IV Therapy in The Bronx, NY

The Bronx, NY

Mobile IV Therapy in Staten Island, NY

Staten Island, NY

Education Corner

Don't suffer this flu season

Feeling under the weather with the flu? Call Mobile IV Drip 24/7 for our popular Flu Rescue IV Treatment.

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